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Welcome to America!

The Americans are generally cheerful, happy and informal, but also pround and ambitious. Although the United States is considered as an extremely open and free country with more than 80% of Americans are immigrants of European descendants and the 50% of the population is nominally Christian and Catholic. The United States is a multi-ethnic country with some rules and taboos which need to be noticed and complied with. There are many taboo topics in America that are not normally discussed. For example, a bride who is noticeably pregnant on her  wedding day was historically considered a taboo topic that was quietly whispered about but not officially acknowledged. The following America travel tips of dos and donts may help you to avoid embarrassment and troubles when traveling to America and maximise the enjoyment of your trip.



America Travel Taboo

Extending the middle finger outwards is considered to be highly offensive.


America Donts

  • Do not call black people “Negro”. They will feel contempt for his indemnity, as Negro mainly refers to Africa black slaves sold to the United States.
  • Do not ask personal income, assets etc private information. Do not ask women marital status, age, and price of clothe etc private matter.
  • Do not give white lilies as gifts. Do not give presents with the company logo, as it’s obliged for advertising.
  • Do not casually take off your shoes or bare feet in front of others, which give people the impression of barbaric debauchery, as only in the bedroom, or between lover to take off their shoes. So do not take off your shoes when visit an American house.
  • Do not pull garters or socks in front of others, which are considered impolite. If laces loose, find a quiet place to tie up.
  • Do not stick out the tongue to others, which is considered as rude, vulgar, obscene behavior.
  • Do not smoke in front of the others without consent.
  • Do not use or ask for toothpicks at a restaurant or at a guest home. Americans love their pretty teeth, they usually use dental floss, but rarely use the toothpick.
  • Do not be gaudy or do make up in public, which is thought to be bad nurture.
  • Do not start to eat until the hostess starts or ask to start a meal. Do not make chewing sound when dinning. Do not take food for others. Do not smoke at the dinning table. Do not persuade others to drink. Do not strip at the dinner table.
  • Do not hitch. Hitchhiking and being snatched money are common in the United States. Do not take the subway at night, where gathers drug addicts, gangsters and drug dealers.
  • Do not forget to greet children. Americans treat children equal to adults.
  • Do not drink alone if you are a woman, which may cause harassment of volunteered” man.

America Dos

  • Do say “Hi” or “Hello” when first meet, it’s not necessary for handshake, but do respond appropriately if they shake hands, nodding, or hugging first.
  • Do make a tight grip when shaking hands, and have eye contact. Americans consider it as rude and arrogant when shaking hands without looking at each.
  • Do make an appointment before visit someone, and do prepare a small gift when visit a friend.
  • Do drink modestly and maintain gentle manner at the banquet. Drunk in the American banquet will fall into contempt.
  • Do avoid number ‘13’, ‘3’, ‘Friday’ and use the bat for the design of goods, and packaging materials, as they are associated with the bad luck.
  • Do mind the conversation topic. Try to avoid some taboo topics, such as polygamy, abortion, pedophilia, incest, race, religion, and suicide.
  • Do take off hat, coat and sunglasses indoor
  • Do say hello to strangers. Turn your eyes away or pretend not see others is considered disdaining others.
  • Do wait in front of the restaurant door for the waiter to lead you to the table.

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