Peru Travel Tips – DOs and DONTs

Welcome to Peru! Peru is a fascinating country which boasts both an ancient culture and a striking ambiance. The culture of Peru is one of the most diverse in South America, primarily ingrained in Amerindian and Spanish traditions. African, Asian, and European ethnic groups have influ
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Chile Travel Tips – DOs and DONTs

Welcome to Chile!  Chile is a beautiful country with rich culture, largely influenced by the European heritage. Chileans have remained relatively homogenous with predominance of the Spanish language and the strong influence of Roman Catholicism. The inhabitants of the country are a co
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Colombia Travel Tips – DOs and DONTs

  Welcome to Colombia! Colombia is South America’s second most populated country and houses 10% of the world’s biodiversity. After decades of civil conflict, Colombia is now safe to visit and travelers are discovering what they’ve been missing. The diversity of the country with its th
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Argentina Travel Tips – DOs and DONTs

Welcome to Argentina! Argentina, the “Land of Silver” is the second-largest country in South America with a mix of nice and open people of Italian, Spanish, or French decent and their customs and traditions are shaped by the cultures of all those countries. People there are gene
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Brazil Travel Tips – DOs and DONTs

Welcome to Brazil! Brazil is the 5th largest and 5th most populous country in the world. Great forest, beaches, carnival, warm people, great cities with everything from slums to high technology, an awesome mixture of cultures and races, making Brazil one of the best travel destination
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